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Jordan lives in Portland, OR and is a full-time content creator for food & beverage related brands.

His Instagram account @highproofpreacher is an extension of what he does professionally, by combining his photography skills with a passion for hospitality and creating amazing drinks.

Jordan has worked hard to grow a following of real people, that value authenticity and desire to learn more about craft spirits and cocktails as a "culinary experience." His focus is to teach people how to imbibe well, using mixology as a vehicle to learn something new and to create experiences that bring people together in a meaningful way.

He enjoys partnering with brands that resonate with this perspective. Take a look below at some potential ways to partner with Jordan, then fill out the form to get in touch!

Sponsored Posts, Product Reviews & Promotional Giveaways

Jordan is happy to partner with various brands in the food & beverage realm. @highproofpreacher is very much cocktail focussed, but this does not mean that your brand or product must be specifically related to cocktails.

Jordan puts a lot of time and energy into creating beautiful imagery and writing thoughtful, engaging copy for every post. If you wish to partner in this way, rest assured that Jordan will bring this same passion to promoting your brand.

Product / Food & Beverage Photography

Sponsored posts are fun and all, but maybe you're after dynamic and engaging content for your own social media, website or marketing materials?

Apart from @highproofpreacher, Jordan runs his own creative business, providing professional photography to various brands. Jordan would be happy to discuss creating and producing creative content specifically for you and your brand.

Check out his recent work and get in touch below!

Retainer deals are also available.

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